Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Pirate Witch


Well, I'm 3,400 words into my 6,000 word short story, The Pirate Witch for the Blue Kingdoms anthology. It's going well and I'm at the halfway point. I'm loving the story and am just wondering about length. I hope I'll be able to keep it at 6,000 words, which is the limit. The editor, Jean Rabe said we could go over, but I'd rather not.

The main character is Maeve Tierney, The Pirate Witch. She's a fiery character with a past that is catching up to her in a bad way. Marrying the infamous pirate, Bull Tierney was probably not the greatest idea, but as a witch she got even when the sea dog did what most pirates do--he went after another person's booty . . .

Now Maeve's on the run with only a single friend in the world. Her and Bax were hiding out in a remote pirate town called Bilgewater, and it would have been a perfect place to hide if Cap'n Coyle of the buccaneer ship Vulture hadn't found out where she was.

All she has to do is escape on the last ship in port, a leaking sloop captained by a highly contagious leper and two salty sea dogs. Except for Maeve, all of the crew is about thirty years past their prime.

If she only knew that the worst is still ahead. I hope you'll all enjoy reading The Pirate Witch in the Blue Kingdoms anthology edited by Jean Rabe and Steven D. Sullivan. The book should be out this summer when Pirates of the Caribbean 3 comes out, savvy?


P.S. I guess this is all assuming that the story is accepted, but I have a good feeling about this one. Visit for more info on the world.

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Rachel Barth said...


Okay, no, just kidding. Yer pirate yarn sounds delightful. Makes me feel all warm and Captain-Blood-y.

I've been having the MOST boring day ever, stuck home on a snow day. Nothing to do but track the slow progress of the red, painful, swollen eruptions on my chin. Not a pretty sight.

On the other hand, I've been entertaining myself with revisiting Kipling's "Stalky & Co." and I must say that book just gets better and better. His language would be considered pretty inappropriate today, I guess, but I forgive him anyway 'cause it's such good stuff.