Monday, July 16, 2007

The Dimension Next Door Story

A Mayan Pyramid in the Yucatan.
My newest short story is set in Central America near a pyramid like Chichen-Itza.

I've just returned to the blogosphere after aliens abducted me. Don't worry, they were nice, but don't drink the green liquid. Trust me.

Anyway, I've neglected my blog for a while. I've been busy writing stories and novels and haven't made blogging a big priority. Plus, I wanted to leave the cover art for my novel on the blog for a while.

What have I been doing? Writing a story for the Dimension Next Door anthology for DAW Books--deadline: August 1. The story is almost done. Draft one is completed and just needs a rewrite. My friend Brad gave me a great critique on Sunday and I'm going to fix the problems and tweak the story a little this week--then send it off to the editor: Kerrie Hughes. I think she's going to love it.

The story is about Nina, a linguistic archaeologist who specializes in Mayan epigraphs. She's dying of cancer. Most of the story takes place in the year 2012, on December 21. That is the day that the Mayan calender ends. It's the day the world is supposed to end. Nina finds out the truth and witnesses an event that you only see once . . .

My next project is to write the sequel to my Pirate Witch story. It's due on August 15. A very short deadline. Then I've got a short story for the Catopolis anthology, deadline: November 1.

I also need to finish my novel, Medusa's Daughter. I'm hoping to finish it by November 1, 2007. I've got so much work to do!! But it's fun! I love writing.

I hope you're all doing well and let me tell you: deadlines are good. When the date is looming, you get the work done. After all, as my friend Pat and I often say: diamonds form when put under great pressure . . .

Best wishes!

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Patrick M. Tracy said...


Hope the story's going well. This is one where I'm sure you wish you had a bit more wiggle room in terms of length. I don't envy you the task of trying to shoehorn that sucker into the word limit!

Good luck with the story, bro, and the next one, and the next one...

Kelly Swails said...

The mayan story sounds cool. Can't wait to read it!