Sunday, September 14, 2008

Imaginary Friends

Here's the cover of the book my newest story is in.

Imaginary Friends

Book Description: We’ve all had them. We’ve all needed them. In this fun fantasy anthology, readers are given thirteen variations on what kinds of friends come in handy indeed in times of need. From a toy Canadian Mountie who suddenly comes to life, to a boy and his dragon, to a young woman held captive in a tower and the mysterious being who is her only companion, these highly imaginative tales entertainingly explore the nature of what constitutes a “real” friendship.

(Five Star Review by's #1 Reviewer)
The theme of this fine anthology is just what the title advertises, IMAGINARY FRIENDS, but with a fantasy or Twilight Zone twist that widens the scope of the collection. The compilation of all new tales is superb as each entry is well written with some being excellent. Personal favorites include "A Good Day for Dragons" by Rick Hautala that kept me thinking of Pete's Dragon, "Best Friends Forever" by Tim Waggoner stars Biff the stuffed animal, "Images of Death" by Jim C. Hines as the title character is a best friend who reminds the little girl of a Muppet, and the moving tale of sibling love "Greg and Eli" by Paul Genesse. The remaining tales are all fun reminding readers of their own IMAGINARY FRIENDS.

Harriet Klausner

I thought it was cool that my story was mentioned in the review. My story, Greg and Eli, which came out September 1, 2008, is obviously in the Imaginary Friends anthology from DAW books. It’s one of those personal stories and I tapped my experiences growing up for it. I moved to a small town in the middle of 4th grade and it was rough moving there. This story is fiction, but a lot of the feelings and emotions and some of the experiences are real. Email me after you read it and I’ll let you know what really happened.

Quite a few of the people who have read this story cry at the end, which is exactly what I was going for. I had a short deadline for it, so I had to go for what I really knew, and that was being the outsider. I never had an imaginary friend (that I remember having), but my mom said I did have a few very transient ones when I was extremely young.

I always wanted an imaginary friend, or a brother, and since I didn’t have either, I guess this story is what I’d always hoped for—someone who would watch out for me and be there when I needed it.

Paul Genesse, Author and Editor

Author of The Golden Cord
Book One of the Iron Dragon Series
(Five Star Books, April 2008)


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S.M.D. said...

You've been Klausnered!!!

Alright, where are you finding all these anthos? Are you getting direct requests or do you have a deposit of secret anthos needing submissions that I don't know about? Because, some of these sound cool and I've got stories too! :P

Glad to see your career is really taking off!