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Review of The Dragon Ring by Lettie Prell

Dragon Ring Dragon Ring by Lettie Prell

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The Dragon Ring by Lettie Prell is such an original book. I’ve never read anything quite like it before. It’s mostly science-fiction with a little fantasy mixed in. The story starts in the not too distant future, possibly a hundred years from now, in the country of Guatemala. The whole country has just become the largest corporation in the world, with the guidance of a very innovative man.

The daughter of this innovative man is a child prodigy, and she is the main character in the novel. Nadine, a very smart half-Latina, is not only gifted in math, but she also has the ability to move outside of her body, projecting her consciousness to distant locations—as well as seeing flashes of the future. She is afraid of these abilities and refuses to use them after becoming frightened of her experiences as a child. Years later, she is thrown into a wild situation involving a project that her father was working on that will change the entire world, or perhaps destroy it.

Nadine, along with a young Native American scientist/engineer named Three Crows, and her cousin, Juan Carlos, plus a few other interesting characters must figure out what’s going on and intervene before a terrible calamity befalls the world.

The originality of the story is what really stood out for me. Lettie Prell mixes science, new age theories, an extremely inventive storyline, and a touch of magic to create a thoroughly enjoyable book. The ending totally surprised me and I had no idea it was coming. If you’re looking for something a little different with a unique view of what the future may bring, check out The Dragon Ring by Lettie Prell.

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