Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Deer Valley High School, Antioch, CA


Shantelle, "Telly" strikes a pose. Okay, she's my cousin, but you can't fake this kind of coolness!

Antioch, California November 3, 2009

My mother fit into a shoebox after she was born. The delivery occurred in a little house in Antioch, California, and her dad (my grandfather) delivered her. Somehow, she survived and I’ve been back with mom to visit her hometown several times. I’ve got a bunch of family there and love to visit.

I visited Aunt Darlene, then Deer Valley High School, then spoke in the Deer Vally High library. The speech went very well and the librarians were awesome. My biggest fan, Katrina Miller, was there. She’s read my books seven times each. She understands them like no one else does, and I’m grateful to have such cool fans. The school newspaper interviewed me as well. I also read a few pages from the beginning of book three (The Secret Empire), just for Katrina. She loved it. But I caused her to miss her bus. No worries. I gave her a ride home. Only the best for my biggest fan.

After the speech at the school library, I went over to Aunt Betty’s and had such scrumptious food (Grandma Ridolfi’s ravioli recipe is TOP SECRET by the way). Tam got to meet the family, and we had a wonderful time. Having my mom there was so special, and seeing my cousins was the best, especially Lacey Rose and Shantelle, “Telly.” Check out the pictures on the Facebook public link.


There’s no place like home, or Aunt Betty’s cooking.

Paul Genesse
Author of The Dragon Hunters

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