Friday, February 15, 2008

Book 13 of the Wheel of Time Series




I had a great day at Life, The Universe, and Everything today ( There were hundreds of people at the panels and I really enjoyed meeting people. There were some really good panelists as well. Orson Scott Card gave a great main address. He's a skilled writer and an orator of renown. I also loved talking with Brandon Sanderson, who told me the inside scoop on how he got the call to write book 13 in the Wheel of Time series. As you may know, Robert Jordan passed away and left the last book unfinished.

The story is this: Jordan's widow asked Brandon Sanderson to complete the book, which was partially finished. Brandon said the beginning and end are already done--by Jordan, and some of the parts in the middle are done, plus there are quite a few notes. Now, Brandon has to fill in all the rest of the details and cap it off. Brandon is rereading the series now, and starting the work. I think his deadline might be December 2008? I can't remember what he said. Anyway, Brandon has some time.

More of the story, Tom Dougherty at Tor books put Brandon on the short list of writers who could complete the book and Jordan's widow picked him. Brandon got a call from Tom to ask if he was interested, then a month later got the call to say they had chosen him. It's so cool that Brandon is going to be the man. He's a great writer. Elantris is really good and I'm loving Mistborn as well.

As for me, I have a couple of signings tomorrow and one panel, on world building. I sold some books today and met lots of cool people. I was also on a fun panel, about putting romance in your fiction. We talked a lot about Han and Leia, then I got to perform one of the greatest romantic lines in science-fiction history: I came back in time for you, Sarah.

What movie was that?

Remember, that was in the first Terminator. Kyle Reese tells Sarah that before they make love. It was amazing and got you right in the heart. The case can be made that Terminator was a love story disguised as a sci-fi movie. Anyway, I just love a subtle love story in my fiction and movies.


Well, I'm off to bed and will head back to LTUE in the morning.


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Paul Genesse

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