Friday, July 11, 2008

Gerrity Memorial Library at Hill Air Force Base

I was a guest at the Gerrity Library yesterday. I did a short reading and then spoke about writing to a few members of the Air Force, their families, and some of the library staff. They were a great crowd and I hope to visit them again, probably in the fall.


I was invited by a librarian I met at a librarian conference a few months ago. The staff were very nice and the library was beautiful. They had a great area dedicated to fantasy novels, which is where I gave my presentation.


Afterward, I spoke with a member of the Air Force and we had a good chat. He told me of getting attacked by mortars and rockets in Iraq while he was in the base. Then he told me that so many people are deployed in Iraq that those left behind now have to do the jobs of several people. He said that being deployed was less work than being back home. I really enjoyed meeting him and his family. His two sons, his daughter, and his wife were present at the speech and I enjoyed meeting them very much.


Going on base and doing a little for the service members and their families was worth the trip. I hope to visit again.


Paul Genesse, Author of The Golden Cord

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