Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kids, Dragons and Me in the Park




Dianna and James Holland's kids: James (one smart kid), me (Paul Genesse), little Anthony (who has no personality at all), and beautiful Alyssia (who is excited to read the book).




I had a great time hanging out with the Holland family in the park yesterday. I delivered a book them in person, as they had gone to my book signing back on June 6 at the Sugarhouse Barnes and Noble, but we were out of books by then. So, the Holland's went away without one. I promised them I would deliver them a book as soon a new shipment came, and I did.


Really, it was just an excuse to hang out with a great family. The dad, Jim who does pre-paid legal services, is so cool and his wife Dianna, is wonderful. She's an amazing message therapist and I would highly recommend her healing hands.


I got to hang with the kids, which is always a treat and hear stories about James, the almost 12 year old, who was being taught to fly and put the plane into a 2 G dive. Fun times. Anthony managed to find a greasy car part in the grass and was subsequently banned from touching the book. Alyssia (8 years old, I think) started reading the book as soon as I arrived. The book is a little much for an eight year old, but maybe she'll like it. Who knows?


Anyway, James is burgeoning D&D player/DM and I'm going to hook them up with a bunch of my older D&D books on Sunday when they swing by my house. I just think they are a great family and I feel very fortunate to call them friends.


Alyssia, James, and Anthony Holland

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