Friday, May 4, 2007

Nurse Takes Care of Dragon


Today I had my author photo shoot at the Wayman studio in Riverton, Utah. The photographer, Paul Wayman and his son, Karl, are really good people. They did a great job with my photos. I've seen most of them already, one of the miracles of digital imaging. The photo we chose should go well on the back cover book jacket--after they touch it up of course. . . .

We also took a bunch of photos of dragon miniatures (they're actually quite big), and they're going to create some interesting press photos of me with the dragons. I'll send the photos to newspapers and magazines with some headline like: Nurse takes care of dragon, or Nurse takes a stab at dragon, Nurse gives dragon a shot.

The image features me in my nurse outfit--no white miniskirt or hat--just me in my dark blue pants and dark blue polo with a stethoscope and a really big syringe. The image of the dragon will be blown up and added later--they took some great shots of the dragon miniatures.

Anyway, generating press is a good thing and I'm doing my best to get a media grabbing campaign together. Well, the photos were fun, it's just too bad about my gigantic ears . . .

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