Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ten Year Wedding Anniversary


Ten years ago today Tammy and I got married. May 3, 1997, we said "I do" in Phoenix, Arizona. I got her a heart-shaped gold locket and a heart-shaped silver box to keep it in--both engraved of course. We had a good day, shared a lovely meal, and enjoyed ourselves.

Tam's been good to me, putting up with nearly all of my obsessions, such as writing, and being supportive all along the way. We've been together for 12 years after meeting in Doctor Markle's Pathophysiology class back in 1995. I sat down next to her on the first day of class.

As most of you know, life is not a Hollywood movie, but I still love her after all these years and we've done pretty well--despite her dislike of travel--and my need to see new places. We'll work it out in the end. Good luck to you all in your own relationships!