Friday, May 25, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Is the pirate world over?

Ahoy Pirate Fans,

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean , At Worlds End on Thursday, May 24 at a special screening at my local theater. It was a fun movie, though quite long and somewhat convoluted. The first one is still my favorite of the three, but I do give this one three and a half out of five stars. The acting is great, the characters are fun, and the special effects are amazing. There's plenty of drama and action to go around. There's plenty of CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow and we all wanted to see Johnny Depp being Jack.
The first movie was five stars, the second one was four stars, and this one was slightly less, so I'll give it three and a half stars. The biggest stumbling block is that this is an epic story and it's hard to wrap up. As a writer who has written a five book fantasy series, (The Iron Dragon Series), I know how hard it is to wrap up all the threads.
Even though the story is a little hard to follow at times, with all the pirates bluffing each other, it's an engrossing movie. We all wanted to find out what was going to happen, and were glued to the screen. The tension was kept high and the ending did not disappoint me. The twist was indeed a twist for me.
If any of you haven't seen it, please stay until the end of the credits. There is a pivotal scene at the very end that you must see. So, make sure you have an empty bladder, plenty of snacks, and something to drink for the movie. It's a long haul, but worth it if you're a pirate fan.
The best thing about the movies for me is the characters. The main ones and the secondary ones are top notch. I love Jack, Elizabeth, and Will so much, and I think that most of us do. That is the success of the film series. We all love them so much we'll sit there for three hours to see what is going to happen to them. The writers and directors of the series did a great job of making us love them. It turned out to be a little too complicated, but I'm glad I saw it.
The big question might have been answered in the title of the film: is the world over? Will we see Jack again? Or have we seen the end of the pirate world?
Either way, it was a fun ride and I'm glad I went on it.
Paul Genesse, Author of
The Pirate Witch
in Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms

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