Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Borderlands Books

Hello There,

After my visit to Miller Creek Middle School I went with my friends, Glenn and Jackie and we went into San Francisco. We goofed around and then met up with Lily and Cary for a while and had lunch at the Sea Lion Cafe on Pier 39. That was so fun. The sea lions were cool to watch while we ate.

Then I met up with Shaun Duke, a cool guy who came all the way from Santa Cruz, taking buses, trains and even a donky! to get into San Fran to be at my book signing. We got to have some tea, Lily and I had tea with him, and we spoke about all sorts of things. I found out that Shaun had cancer and beat it. He's healthy now and is a very well adjusted guy. Lily's good friend has the same kind of cancer and I think the whole reason Shaun came to the city was to have that conversation with Lily. I believe in fate and this meeting happened for a reason.

It was great meeting Shaun and I gave him an autographed copy of The Golden Cord at the signing later. Then we went to my book signing together at Borderlands Books. I got to meet Kerrie (spelling?) who works at the store, and also met up with Jude, the manager, and Alan, the owner. I love Jude and Alan. They are great and we met in Salt Lake at the World Horror Con in March.

The signing/reading was on a Wednesday evening of a really hot day, so it wasn't well attended, but I met some new friends, and sold quite a few books, as Glenn and his gang: Cary, Lily, and Jackie were there and they bought books for their friends and family who couldn't make the signing/reading, but had told them to guy them books.

I aslo met a cool guy named, Mark, who serves in the Coast Guard. He was a neat fellow and I enjoyed meeting him.

I did a reading and actually read a whole chapter, (chapter 27), from The Golden Cord, then I read a little of The Pirate Witch, and a few pages of Almost Brothers. The reading went really well and that was fun for me.

Then we went out to dinner in SF and relaxed a bit. It was a long and wonderful day.

Best wishes,

Paul Genesse, Author of The Golden Cord

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