Friday, May 23, 2008

Las Vegas Barnes and Noble Book Signing




My book signing at the Summerlin Barnes and Noble (on Charleston and Fort Apache) went really well. I made it there a little after four and met the Community Relations Manager (CRM), Amy Gulliot. I loved meeting her and she was great to work with. I'll definitely sign there again. There are still a few signed copies available there, if you live in Vegas and want one.


I had a set up in the back, in the "cookbook" section. At first, I was a little worried about being in the back of the store in cookbooks, but it was great. A dozen chairs had been set up and that turned out to be the best thing. A bunch of people came and were able to sit down in front of my table and hang out for a couple of hours. If I had been in the front of the store I would have sold a few more books, but the people who came to the signing wouldn't have been able to sit and rest. They would have just got their book signed and left the store. This way they could hang out and get to know me, or visit with me. Getting to chat with people and really hang out was so perfect. Amy had it right, I just wish that there was room in the fantasy section to do the signing.


I met so many cool people. Some of them came because of the TV interview, some from the schools I visited that day, and many others were friends and family from my past. I loved seeing my family and my second families. My mom and John came, plus Richard and Carol Stephen, Fran and Alan Stratton, Dee Crawford, Skylar Stephens, and lots of other great people.


I met a couple of kids who really impressed me. There was one who was already a great writer and he was only nine! I read one of his short stories right there on the spot. Wow. Then there were some amazing kids from the schools I spoke at. I am so inspired by the kids I meet.


The signing was a big success and afterward I got to hang out with Amy for a while and chat about writing. She's a writer herself and loves a lot of the same books that I do. Meeting her was great and I hope to see her again someday soon.


Finally, I dragged my sorry butt out of the store and headed for Cedar City around 7 PM. I had to be in Salt Lake City the next day and wanted to get on the road. I would have loved to stay again in Vegas, but I had to get going. That night I had to stop in St. George, an hour from Cedar City. I was too tired to continue on. I made it safely and life was good.


Vegas was so memorable and I look forward to visiting again someday.


Paul Genesse, Author of The Golden Cord

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