Friday, May 16, 2008

Wild Foxes, Librarians, and Really Tall Trees

I had no idea that two of my biggest fans would want me to sign their foreheads at my book signing today. I just couldn't do it, but I did sign their arms. The signature will be seen for quite some time, I believe, as it was permanent ink . . . (grin)

I was very flattered and one of them gave me an extremely cool fan letter. Both of the young girls go to Miller Creek Middle School. They were funny and very pretty, and of course had the endearing giggle that girls of that age often have. If I was a 13 year old boy they would definitely be on my list to ask out on a date. (Yes, that's a hint to the guys at Miller Creek. Both of them are ones to watch). However, I'm married and not interested in jail anytime soon.

Now, above you'll see a picture of me with the coolest librarian in the entire universe. You'll have to ask the two girls for the funny pictures they took with me.

Her name is Eddie van Rossum Daum, say it like Ed-eee. She stayed up late last night making thank you cards for me. Then all the kids signed them and wrote me notes. The cards are hand made and of a quality that is second to none. She did artwork and lots of amazing stamping on all the cards. I'm going to keep them forever in a scrap book. The cards were so wonderful. I'm so thankful to Eddie and the kids of Miller Creek. So, the book festival (at Miller Creek Middle School) went really well. Tons of kids and their parents dropped by and said hello. I sold a ton of books and I have only a few left now. It's a good problem to have, but I have so many other school visits to do. All the sales information that I have is showing that the book is doing really well. It's apparently on backorder at the publishers because of the demand, but you can still get it on Amazon and Barnes and All the copies the publisher had have shipped out and more orders are coming in, but they can't keep up. Yep, life is good.

Okay, so at the signing, my friend, Lorrie Rey--the Volunteer of the Year at her son Parker's school--was named my official public relations manager for all of Marin county and the city of San Francisco. (wink)

Lorrie is amazing. She helps her younger son's school so much and they are lucky to have her. Having her in my corner helped so much. Her sister, Jackie, was also there and provided her bubbly enthusiasm and support the entire time. Yes, fellas, she's single. I'll get you in touch, just drop me a line with a real picture, income (as shown on your 2007 income tax form), job history, vital statistics from 2008--height, weight only, your contact information, and why you want to be her new boyfriend. All submissions must be under 200 words, single spaced in Times New Roman.

Keep in mind that Jackie is: foxy, funny, has a BMW, has Chinese ancestry, and is a blast to have dinner with. Her photo is above. She's the one sitting with me. Her brother, Glenn is sitting with Lorrie on the other side of the table. Glenn is such a great friend and provided security (though he did let the two young girls slip by for some reason?). Anyway, he acted as my driver and book carrier during the entire visit here. To him, I am forever grateful. I am so blessed to have friends like him.

All kidding aside, my friends in the Lee family have been amazing. Glenn took me on a hike up on mount Tamalpais today and then we went into the Muir Woods. The redwoods were impressive the the view from the mountain was spectacular. We hung out with Helen, a volunteer at the West Point Inn and enjoyed the view of the entire Bay Area. It was hot, but it was a clear day and I loved it.

Tomorrow, Sacramento and a book signing at the Sunset Mall at the Borders Express in Citrus Heights from 4-6.

See you later,

Paul Genesse, Author of The Golden Cord

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