Sunday, May 11, 2008



Book Release Party 2008

Paul Genesse, Megan C., Ashley P., and Meghan R.--they're my coworkers and came after their shift at the hospital to hang out at The Golden Cord book release party.


So, my huge book release party was awesome! Over 150 came to my home to hang out, see the fantasy art gallery in my basement, and pick up some books.  Lots of books! Piles of books!

I actually got a cramp in my hand from signing so many books! Now I'm worried I won't have enough books for my upcoming book tour. What good problems to have.

It was so wonderful to see my new and old friends. Also, my mom was there, and my great friend Natalie came from Phoenix to help run the party. Natalie, my mom, and my wife Tam did all the catering. They were amazing. I owe them big time!

I wish I could have spoken with everyone longer, but the line was so long to get books and time was running  fast.  I just loved seeing everyone. I had some great conversations with friends and the children of friends, and friends of friends . . . you get the idea.


I'm so excited to get to writing. All five books are written, but I need to edit and rewrite books two through five. I really want to get book two out there now. I wish it was coming out soon. Sigh.


Anyway, thank you all for coming, and for those who couldn't come, no worries, I'll see you soon, I hope. I'll be leaving for my book tour in the morning and I can't wait. If only I didn't need to sleep . . .


Best wishes to you all!! Thanks for making my book tour send off incredible.




Paul Genesse, Author of The Golden Cord

Book One of the Iron Dragon Series

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