Friday, May 23, 2008

Las Vegas--My First TV Appearance

Vegas was awesome. I was on the channel 5 TV news. The Fox news channel that I grew up watching had me on their morning show and interviewed me for 3 minutes. It was great and went so well. As soon as I have the clip, I'll post it here. I was interviewed by Dave Hall, who went to my high school, Beatty High and graduated two years ahead of me. He was and is a cool guy. They were teasing him about his hair cut in high school. Yep, he had a mullet. I admit, I had one too in 9th grade, but I had no idea it was a mullet. It was just the style of the day.

Anyway, the interview went well and then I was off to Bob Miller Middle School. I spoke to a couple of classes and we had a great time. The librarian there, Scott Hensley, is the coolest. He's the techno librarian and his library is so wired. Scott actually gave the kids four copies of my book to keep. I got to meet the kids and sign their books. That was fun. The students once again showed me how intelligent they were and I enjoyed their questions very much.

Then I went to lunch with a very good guy and his wife. John and Linda Hanks. Linda , a librarian, brought me out to Bob Miller Middle School and John wanted to meet me. He's done a lot in his life and now he's interested in writing. He's got a great story to tell and plan on watching his career unfold.

Then I was off to my old elementary school, George E. Harris Elementary on Sandhill Road. I went there from first to fourth grade. See my next post for all the details . . .

Paul Genesse, Author of The Golden Cord

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