Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ConDuit Convention


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Author, Michael Stackpole at the ConDuit convention in Salt Lake City



I drove back to Salt Lake to attend the ConDuit sci-fi and fantasy convention. Above is a picture of Mike Stackpole, one of my writing teachers and the author guest of honor at the convention. This pic is during his main address on May 24. He is so smart and I love his energy. I write using the Stackpole method and he is one of the most important writing teachers in my own development. His Secrets writing CD's are invaluable. Check out his web site at Mike is the reason I went drove back to Salt Lake. I was not disappointed. Mike is the man. My hero and my friend. I've been fortunate to hang out with him several times over the past six years.


So, I was on a panel with Mike on Sunday and that went very well. Also on the panel was Robert "Bob" Defendi, a cool guy and a great game writer. Saturday, I was on a panel with Brandon Sanderson, Brook and Julia West, and Nathan Shumante. I was only on two panels this year and at first I was dubious, but it worked out perfect.


Sunday, I went to lunch with Mike Stackpole and got to hear his advice about my novel series. Having him one on one and giving me advice for an hour was awesome. I respect him so much and his Dragon Crown War Cycle is one of my favorite series ever. Please read Dark Glory War and then continue with the rest, you'll love them.


ConDuit was great and it was good to see my friends. I could have stayed on the road longer, but coming home, seeing my wife, seeing Mike, and all my local friends, especially Patrick Tracy, was wonderful.


I met a great artist as well, Jessica Douglas, Check out her stuff. Wow.

Another writer to watch is Aleta Clegg. She's written an entire 11 book space opera series. She's close to getting published and I'll be there to see it happen.


Best wishes,


Paul Genesse, Author of The Golden Cord


ConDuit was fun.

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