Monday, February 4, 2013

LTUE 2013 Schedule


Life, The Universe, and Everything
Provo, Marriott Hotel Conference Center

My Schedule:

Thursday February 14

9:00 AM
Tolkien's "The Hobbit"
The Book and the Movies
Paul Genesse, Blake Casselman, David Farland, Tracy Hickman

Lunch with friends

1:00 PM
What is "Punk" Literature and Its Many Genres?
Aneeka Richins, Paul Genesse, David Butler, Steve Diamond, Larry Correia

Take my beautiful wife, Tammy to see Ballet West's "Cinderella" for Valentines Day. Fun times.

Friday February 15

Lunch with friends

3:00 PM
Characterization that Isn’t Overwrought or Uneven
Tristi Pinkston, Paul Genesse, Clint Johnson, Deren Hansen, J. Scott Savage

8:00 PM
Mass Autograph Signing

11:00 AM
Main Address: I'm attending, not giving it.