Friday, October 31, 2008

The Children of Hurin


This is one of those amazing things that you didn't see coming. A book by an author who has been dead a very long time. True, Christopher Tolkien is not dead (he put this whole thing together and finished undone sections and chapters), but his father wrote the genesis of this book, and he is dead. J.R.R. Tolkien is my favorite author and he's part of the reason I became a fantasy writer. I loved this book and enjoyed going back to Middle-earth again. It is such a tragic tale and you can read other reviews to know what the story line is about, but suffice it to say that bad things happen. The art in the book is amazing as well and I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever loved Lord of the Rings. You don't need to read The Silmarillion to understand this novel.
The Children of Hurin is a tale I shall never forget.

Paul Genesse
Author of The Golden Cord
Book One of the Iron Dragon Series

The Gypsy Morph


This is a great book and a worthy sequel to The Elves of Cintra. The novel is very exciting, fast-paced and full of interesting, well-developed characters. I listened to it as an audio book and loved it. The whole thing was very satisfying and the writing was stellar. My own writing career has been shaped by Brooks and The Elfstones of Shannara is still one of my all time favorite books. I have no doubt that Terry Brooks is a master of epic fantasy.

Paul Genesse
Author of the Iron Dragon Series

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Dragon Hunters--Cover

Here it is. The cover of The Dragon Hunters, Book Two of the Iron Dragon Series.

It's a painting by world-famous artist Ciruleo Cabral, who painted the first book's cover.

I love the image and this is the first time I've posted it online.

Paul Genesse

Author of The Golden Cord
Book One of the Iron Dragon Series

Fan Art


Here is a leather tooled image of the cover of The Golden Cord. A man named, Allen Stratton is a master leather tooler. He shapes and paints leather, usually belts and such. He made me a check book cover, which you see above. It took him three weeks to do this and the picture doesn't do it justice. It's really beautiful. I'm humbled and very grateful for such an incredible gift.

Paul Genesse
Author of The Golden Cord

I'm back

I haven’t blogged in a while because of a big deadline looming over my head. October 27, 2008 was the due date for The Dragon Hunters, Book Two of the Iron Dragon Series. I turned in the book and a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now I feel like I can get back to normal—and start blogging again.

The book is coming out six months earlier than expected, which was a surprise to everyone. The book will be out in May of 2009, not November 2009.

To be clear: Book Two will be out in May of 2009.

I spent August, September, and October writing and editing. I had a manuscript done, but much of it was old, written years ago. I had to go through and redo a lot. I had a ton of help. My buddies Pat and Brad really helped me a lot. I couldn’t have done it without them. Also, my editor, John, helped a lot.

The book still needs a copy edit, which means I’ll be reading through it one more time after the copy editor and proofreader are done, but most of the work is finished. I read the whole book out loud to my wife and spent so much time working on it. I didn’t work every free hour on the book, but it was a lot of time. I was worried at first that I wouldn’t have enough time. In the end, I had plenty. I’m really proud of the book and think the fans will enjoy it a lot.