Saturday, April 21, 2007

Shadows, Pirates, and Pages


It's been a little while since I posted and I have no good excuses. However, I've been busy with writing stuff this week. Three big things happened:

1. Brad Beaulieu sent me his short story, Shadows In Mirrors, which will be in the Dimension Next Door anthology from DAW Books. I'll be in that one also.

2.The galley pages from Pirates of the Blue Kingdom came--my story, The Pirate Witch is in it.

3. The big news: My editor sent me the edited manuscript for my novel, The Golden Cord. He's had it for almost four months, but once he started reading it took him less than two weeks to finish.

Wow, what a week. I read Brad's story, which was amazing, and gave him a critique. Not much to fix there. Brad is such an amazing writer. I've also been invited into the same anthology and I have an idea for it--supplied by my buddy Glenn. I'm not spilling the details yet . . . The deadline is months away, luckily.

I managed to read over the galley pages for my pirate story, The Pirate Witch, and found no errors. The bio was fine too. I'm really excited about it coming out and it could go to press around May 15. Life is good. This summer is going be great.

So, the big job, working on my manuscript. I had one night of fear when I saw my editor wanted a new first line/opening paragraph. This news kicked me in the nuts. Hard. The first line had been green-lighted before, but it could always be better--I knew it then and I know it now. I couldn't face rewriting it that first night (Wednesday) when the MS came, but managed to rewrite it Thursday. It turned out well, but the opening will have to be read over by Brad and Pat before I call it done and send it to John.

Now I'm up to page 87 of 323. The comments from my editor, John, are fine, but I have to read through the whole MS and work on a few things. No major changes, thank the Gods!

This whole process is very time consuming, but I'm not too stressed about it. So far, reading over the MS hasn't been that painful. Perhaps I'm excited because this might be the last time that I have to read this entire manuscript. I still like it, but after you've read something so many times it becomes a little tiresome. I'm being generous, it's a big pain in the ass. But, the book is getting better and I think I'm improving the work. John's comments were excellent and now I just have to get it to him by May 18. No problem there.

Once this task is done, I'm back to Medusa's Daughter. I want to finish it by November 1, plus two short stories this year. One short story is due in August, the next in November. I have all the time in the world . . . I just have to believe the affirmation posted next to my computer. It reads: I release all that is unlike love. I have time and space for everything I want to do.

I repeat it in my mind, but now I should really start believing it.

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Kelly Swails said...

Cool affirmation. Mine is a little Zen ditty I say in my head before I got to sleep. "I am fit, healthy, and strong. I am a best-selling novelist." Like I said, a little Zen, but it helps keep the inner critic at bay.