Friday, July 20, 2007

Pirate Game!


Tonight was a great night in the Blue Kingdoms. I DM'd a game at a local hobby shop (Cross Class Adventures). We played Dungeons and Dragons in the Blue Kingdoms for the second time at that hobby shop. It was so much fun and the players and I were having such a jolly good time. It was crazy mayhem and there were a bunch of new players there.

Swashbuckling adventure is exciting and in the end most of the crew ended up joining the enemy captain, Scarlett Rose. She was very persuasive: double rum rations per day, equal shares for all crew, and did I mention that she is half siren? She used magic and charmed all but two of the players. The two who resisted escaped--while all of their friends joined her--the enemy captain.

Some of the characters we played are featured in my Pirate Witch story: Lem and Cod. Both are salty sea dogs in their fifties. They are a riot, but Gar, the Al-Kibar (dog-headed humanoid)was the howling main event--literally.

I love the Blue Kingdoms and it's a great place for D and D.

Best wishes,

Paul Genesse

Author of The Pirate Witch

in Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms


Anonymous said...

Paul, thanks for putting the book in my hdnds. Argh! Do you know the pirtae alphabet?

Anonymous said...

Pirate. I meant pirate, not pirtae. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...


Good times. Good Times!