Monday, August 27, 2007

Below is a review featured in the Romantic Times Book reviews for Pandora's Closet, an anthology featuring stories by several friends of mine, namely Kelly Swails', who wrote a fabulous story. She read it at Gen Con last week and many people in the audience cried. One even had to run out of the room. I just love Kelly and I'm so proud of her. She wrote a really great story, please check it out. There are so many excellent stories in this book. I've read most of them now and just loved them. Read the review:

Fantasy, Anthology

Pandora's Closet

Martin H. Greenberg & Jean Rabe Editors

Three Stars

Readers can stretch their imagination with this collection of 19 original stories. Established

authors as well as newcomers explore the surprising properties of items you might find in an enchanted closet. Each eerie tale builds anticipation for the next in this enjoyable book.

Summary: A pair of glasses once owned by John Lennon opens up the imagination in "Revolution: Number 9," by Judi Rohrig. Cursed clothing creates problems in "The Ring," by Timothy Zahn, and "Cursory Review," by Donald J. Bingle, while ghostly inhabitants wreak havoc in "Ancestral Armor," by John Helfers, "Jack's Mantle," by Joe Masdon, and "Irresistible," by Yvonne Coats.

More than one love story has a happy ending thanks to magical clothes in "The Travails of Princess Stephe," by Jane Lindskold, "Loincloth," by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, "What Quig Found," by Christopher T. Person, and "Off the Rack" by Elizabeth A. Vaughan.
Meanwhile, magic spells go awry in "A Clean Getaway," by Keith R.A.DeCandido, and "Seamless," by Michael A. Stackpole.

Finally, Kelly Swails' "Cake and Candy" is a touching exploration of a connection to the hereafter. (DAW, Aug., 320 pages, 7.99)

Review by Gail Pruszkowski featured in the Romantic Times Book Reviews

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