Friday, January 25, 2008

Revenge of the Little Match Girl


I just finished the rough draft of a new story for an anthology called Terribly Twisted Tales. My editor wants it by February 15, but I'll be done with it before that. I wrote 2,500 words in the rough draft. My limit is 5,000, so I'm not even close to the limit. It's just a very short story and is based on the famous story, The Little Match Girl. The theme of the anthology is taking fairy tales and twisting them up in new and horrible ways. Like taking Goldilocks and making her into a big game hunter hunting for bears.

I chose to make the sweetest, nicest, most sympathetic character I'd ever read about, The Little Match Girl, by Hans Christian Anderson, and make her a sweet, nice, sympathetic pyromanic bent on revenge.

Stay tuned for a relase date for this one, and please don't play with matches.


Author of The Golden Cord
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