Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sugarhouse Barnes and Noble Book Signing


Tonight was my last official book signing for a while. It was at the Barnes and Noble in Sugarhouse (Salt Lake City, UT).  It went really well and I sold out in just over an hour. I was there from 6:45-9:00 PM and it went so fast.  The Barnes and Noble had a hard time getting books, as the first printing is old out. The store only managed to get 25 books.  They're going to order more.


A bunch of people came right away and the books went fast. I loved seeing some of my old friends and meeting new ones. I just love people and I'm such a chatterbox. My voice was a little strained, as I had a seasonal allergy this week that nearly wiped out my voice. Luckily, my voice came back for tonight.


I made it through the signing with a voice intact, sold all the books, gave out posters to everyone who came by, and wrapped it up.


Afterward, I went out for some food with friends: authors Rebecca Shelley and Eric James Stone were there. I loved hanging out with them. Rebecca's book, The Red Dragon Codex is doing so well and selling a lot. She's got great market penetration and even Walmart has her books now.


Eric James Stone is an amazing writer of short stories and recently sold to Analog, The Intergalactic Medicine Show, and other places. He was also a winner of Writers of the Future. Eric is a neat guy and I love his work.


Julie Andelin went along. She's one of Mountain Con's organizers and she gave me some Mtn. Con flyers that feature a picture of me and some of the other guests.  It's fun being on the flyer with Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Brandon Sanderson (an amazing writer and the author of the final Robert Jordan/Wheel of Time book) and a bunch of actors and such. Mountain Con is going to be so fun this year.


Also at dinner were the Holland family. They are a great family and I've met some of them before at various conventions and such. Dianna (a great massage therapist), Jim (a very good dad), James  (12, who might make a perfect lawyer), Alyssia (ten years old on Tuesday), and Anthony (a very happy and bright kid) were so cool to visit.  I love meeting such nice and smart kids. It also helped that the kids were so beautiful. I'm a sucker for cute kids. I'm going to hang out with Dianna at World Con in August.


It feels good to have reached this point in the tour. Tonight's signing  was like the cap on the whole thing. Seeing all the people who came and selling all the books was such a great finish for me.


I still have more events and school visits this summer, but I feel like I can breathe a little and get some writing done. I have to begin rewriting book two and  hopefully it'll come out in late 2009. The working title is: The Dragon Hunters.


Best wishes,


Paul Genesse, Author of  The Golden Cord

Book One of the Iron Dragon Series


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
Saw your comment about Eric James Stone. I remember reading his story in Writers of the Future Volume XXI.
It was called The Betrayer of Trees. Must have been my favorite story in the entire collection. I have met Eric a few times. He is a great person and a really good writer as you say.
Peter Breyer

utpoohbear said...


I'm so glad that you got the flyers that Kevin created with your picture on it. He wanted you know just how important you are to us and that your just as important as the others!

I'm so glad that the first print has been sold out, and that it is hard to get your book, that is WONDERFUL!

I hope your doing well, and that the allergies give you a rest at some point!

~ Danielle & Kevin
Volunteer Chair & Publications Chair
Mountain Con 4