Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Beacon of Hope Once Again

I won't soon forget last night. Barack Obama winning the presidency was amazing. We need change in America after eight years of bungling. George Bush was not a great president, and if you think otherwise, you need to reexamine the situation today. I'm sorry, but please be realistic and get informed on the issues. McCain would have been better than Bush, but he would have kept many of the same bad policies going. We need something different now.

We need brilliant people in the White House, not C students like Bush. Sorry, but we do. Barack was number one in his law school class at Harvard University. That is amazing. He has a degree in international affairs. This guy was a professor. He is so smart and when difficult situations arise, he will understand what's going on. I know the power of good critical thinking skills. Making the right decisions saves lives. I see it at the hospital where I work. Dumb people often make dumb decisions, and people die.

Smart people save lives. Barack will save lives.

We all have a new beginning now. There is hope that America will become the beacon of hope it once was. I shed a tear last night when I saw it all happening.

John McCain made a great concession speech last night. I used to really like him. I wish he would have beat Bush back in 2000. He should have been the nominee then. I hope now, he can go back to the stands that he took in 2000. He was great then, and I hope he helps fix the country now. We need him to help in the Senate.

Now, we need to move forward. The country is in bad shape. We need to do whatever we can to help.


Paul Genesse


Anonymous said...

Well said Paul. I was neither for Obama nor McCain. I have issues with both of them, but I really really hope over the next four years people will get the chance to tell me "I told you so".

Anonymous said...

Amen, Paul. Right on all counts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul! I'll be seeing you give a talk at the Youth Writers Conference at Springville, Utah on March 21st. Can't wait. :) I would love to show you some of my stories :) please email me