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The Last of the Mohicans Graphic Novel

Marvel Illustrated: Last Of The Mohicans Premiere HC (Marvel Illustrated) Marvel Illustrated: Last Of The Mohicans Premiere HC by Roy Thomas

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I picked up a graphic novel the other day of an American classic, James Fenimore Cooper's, The Last of the Mohicans. I haven't read the book for many years, but loved the movie with Daniel Day Louis. It's one of my favorites. The soundtrack is one of the best ever.

Anyway, the graphic novel was beautiful, with fabulous art. I really enjoyed how the adaptation tried to keep the flavor of the original book--with the archaic language and such. I can't remember the original book very well, so I can't discuss how true to the original story this was. There were huge differences between this work and the movie. No surprise there. I think the movie was actually better in some respects. The movie makers killed a lot more of the characters for one thing, and streamlined the plot, whereas this work is quite convoluted toward the end--which is more realistic. Hawkeye and Uncas were excellent characters and I enjoyed reading about them very much.

Overall, it was a quick and entertaining read, and I'd recommend it to those who are interested in reading a classic, but can't handle reading the actual book.

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