Monday, April 5, 2010

The Gangsters of Little Moscow


This photo, by Clemens Kalischer, was the inspiration for a free writing project I did recently. I sat in during a writing seminar given by a fellow presenter at a Young Writers Conference in Las Vegas. Cindie Geddes of Flying Hand writing services,, had us write for three minutes after looking at a random image. She had a pile of postcards and she gave me this one.

This is what I wrote in three minutes. No editing has been done to my story, which I guess is flash fiction. Enjoy.

The Gangsters of Little Moscow

By Paul Genesse

Grandfather was a killer. Father was a killer. I am my father's son. The family business is complicated, but our methods are simple. People pay us or we cause them pain. My father is a master of this. He learned from the best. The Russian way is not a way of niceties and kind words. It is a way of suffering and winter. We provide a service and for those who cross us we provide a different service. I will continue the family business and if I'm not gunned down like a dog, my sons will be gangsters of Little Moscow like me.


cindie geddes said...

I so like this!I've told several people about those first three lines. They just stick with me! It was great meeting you at AYAC. My son was really excited to have the signed poster. Thanks!

Paul Genesse said...

Thanks, Cindie. I'm glad you liked the story, and I'm happy your son liked the poster.

Best wishes,