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I’m editing an upcoming anthology, The Crimson Pact, which will come out as an ebook on various platforms, and someday may be a print book. If you know a writer, please refer them to this site ( where all the details are spelled out.

I’ve already got some amazing stories by some great writers who were invited to submit short stories, but I’d like to add some flash fiction to the mix.

Here’s your chance to get into the book. Flash fiction is by open submission during the reading period, which ends on February 15, 2011 for the first Crimson Pact anthology.

If you wish to be notified when our next reading period is, please contact us and ask to join our mailing list, you can sign up on The Crimson Pact website.

Flash fiction is defined as stories of less than 1,001 words, not including the title. Flash fiction must include a beginning, conflict, and at least a suggestion of resolution. A character study or "slice of life" is not a story. I could see the flash as being traditional flash stories, journal entries (I’d love to see some journal entries), something from a demon's point of view, captain’s logs, or even poetry if it works for the anthology.

Flash fiction will be paid a one time flat fee of US$10, regardless of word count.

A flash story that impresses us, (my partner, writer Steven Saus will be helping with the flash submissions) will make it likely you'll get an invite to write a short story for future volumes. I’m hoping for ten good flash pieces for the first anthology.

Please go to The Crimson Pact website and read over the Submission Guidelines section to learn more.

Happy writing,

Paul Genesse
Author and Editor

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