Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free eBook Give-a-way


Today is the Lucky Leprechaun Book Giveaway Hop. It will last from March 17 - 20 at midnight and you can easily win free e-books.

March is officially e-book month and I'm participating in an e-book giveaway with many other authors with 24 e-books to choose from. And you're not limited to just one, either. Go to Linda Weaver's blog and tell her which books you're interested in--list as many as you like. You can learn more about each book by visiting the author's websites, which are listed on Linda's site.

There are Children’s, Fantasy, Mystery/Adventure, Non-fiction, science fiction, and Romance - inspirational, suspense, or comedy romances!

To win some books, leave a comment at:

Winners will be drawn at midnight on March 20.

I'm offering up a couple of books, though only one is listed on Linda's site. You can get a copy of both my novelette, The Pirate Witch, and my new anthology The Crimson Pact Volume 1.

Title of the Novelette: The Pirate Witch

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: Maeve Tierney, the pirate witch, must escape from Captain Coyle, who wants her head, because she knows where the Queen's Ransom treasure is buried.

Title of the Book: The Crimson Pact

Synopsis: The Crimson Pact vowed to destroy the demons of the Rusted Vale . . . but the demons had their own secret plan and escaped, invading dozens of worlds . . . . Read 26 stories set in those many different worlds about the men and women who have refused to let the demons win. It also features an exclusive story by New York Times Bestselling author Larry Correia.


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