Sunday, January 1, 2012

Paul's 2011 Highlights

Paul’s Highlights from 2011

January 14: My story, “The Cost of a Tasmanian Tiger” released for free online.

January 28, 2011, 16 year dating anniversary with Tammy. ☺

February 12: Finale of the “Dark Sea” D&D Campaign after 8 years of awesome games with the guys, Pat, Zack, Adam, and Craig.

February 18: “Plot Storming from Character” my writing presentation at LTUE.

March 19: Lady Gaga in concert in Salt Lake City with Tam, best concert ever.

March: Crimson Pact Volume 1 released, my first anthology as editor.

April 22: visited Suzzanne and Dave Myers in Portland.
April 23: Saw De/Vision live in Portland.

May 19: we got our new TempurPedic foam bed, so comfy!

May 21: Ghost Hunt at the Wendover Air Base. Tom Carr got thrown on the ground.

May 27: ConDuit, the live reading of “No Tusks” by myself and Patrick Tracy.

June 18: Lily and Cary Lee’s wedding in San Francisco, (with Tam, Dee & Larry).

June 25: Jason Wilson and his family visited. Loved seeing Natalie, Chara, and Ariel.

June 29: Joined a Legend of the Five Rings role-playing campaign (better known as “Writer Nerd Game Night” GM’d by Dan Wells and sometimes Larry Correia).

July 15: Watched the final Harry Potter movie, so good.

August 5: the True Dungeon at Gen Con.

August 4: The Crimson Pact Volume 2 released, my second anthology as the editor

August 18: Great trip with Tammy to Reno and World Con. A second honeymoon at the Peppermill in their Tuscany Tower wing, so amazing, and great to see family

August 26: Seeing the “Up” house in Herriman, Utah with Tam.

September: Gangrene Film Festival in Layton with a live performance of Wasasquatch!

September 2: Outlined “Dragon Claws” a proposed illustrated book with artist, Ruth Thompson

September 16: Dale Cable’s going away party at the hospital, so sad. He was the best manager ever. This has been my toughest year at the hospital. Too many changes.

September 30: Kathy Griffin in concert, Salt Lake City with Tam, hilarious!

October: Finished the newest version of Medusa’s Daughter, still needs another revision

October 8: Aundra & Brett’s wedding in Salt Lake!

October 21: Dracula by Ballet West

October 27: San Diego, World Fantasy Con with Tammy

November 3: Guest Hosted Dungeon Crawlers Radio with Joe and Dan

November 24: Had some really good turkey with Tam

December 14: Finished a new draft of The Secret Empire after taking lots of time off from the hospital

December 23: The Golden Cord and The Dragon Hunters released as eBooks.

December 24: The Secret Empire (book 3) preview released for free on my website

December 31: A lovely New Year’s Eve with Tammy.

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