Friday, January 19, 2007

Going back

Hi Everyone,

I'm going back to my home town in a week. I'll be speaking at the high school's career day. I'll be talking about becoming a nurse and a writer. It'll be lots of fun to see some old friends, mainly Natalie Tobin (now Kobinski as she got married) and Jordan Stephens. My home town is Beatty, Nevada. It's in the middle of nowhere--literally. Beatty is two hours north of Las Vegas and is right beside Death Valley, on the Nevada/California border. My graduating class was 32 kids.
The high school is about the same size as it was in 1992 when I graduated, about 150 kids.

My mom still lives there and it'll good to see her. Mom's cooking is so good!

I have so many memories of high school and some aren't great, but going through the adversity I had made me stronger now.

It seems like a lifetime ago when I was in high school. I guess 15 years is a decent amount of time. I've been back home since then, but this time it feels different. I'll let you know how it all goes. I'm just excited to see my English teacher, Richard Stephens and to visit my friends.

Connecting to the people in my past seems so important to me right now.

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Kelly Swails said...

wow, you've got me beat. My graduating class had 52 kids, the high school around 275. It's strange going back--the hallways aren't so ominous anymore, and the teachers look tired instead of scary.