Friday, January 5, 2007

The Secret


I love starting a new year. You can clear out the old and start fresh. All things seem possible and guess what? They are. I just watched a cool movie called The Secret. Check out to check it out. The whole thing is about manifesting what you want. I've studied this concept in the past and have seen it work many times. The idea is that if you think about something you want, you can cause it to happen. I'll let the movie make the whole case for it working, but do yourself a favor and check it out. The $4.95 fee to watch it as a streaming video is well worth it.

Happy new year!



Kelly Swails said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Paul!

Kelly Swails said...

Wait a minute ... Isn't the picture you have here the one I took at WFC? Sweet! I'm one-degree-of-separation famous!

deetour said...

Yes, welcome to the world of public knowledge. Now all you need is a myspace and some 12 year old girls writing to you! Cycle complete!