Monday, March 26, 2007

Chapter 5


Well, it was a busy week, but I managed to finish chapter five of Medusa's Daughter. I also revised chapter four, which I wrote last week. I'm starting to get into the groove again. It's still a struggle, but I feel like I'm making progress.

Nerissa, the main character is coming through. She's got some issues, but has real strength. She defies her mother (Medusa) and pays the price. Very nasty. I'm enjoying writing her mother as well. Medusa does some bad things, but in a way that is unexpected. I keep wanting her to just start yelling at Nerissa--but it's better if she doesn't.

I think a good idea with writing is this: throw out the first idea you have for a character's reaction. I read that somewhere, I think? The idea is to do the unexpected. Not a radical idea, but keep it in mind. Just throw out the first few things you think a character might do and do something less expected. George R.R. Martin does this very well. It doesn't sound a like radical concept, but it works well, as long as it makes sense.

My goal is to finish the novel by November 1, 2007, which is about when I'm going to the World Fantasy Convention in New York. If I can get a chapter or more per week, I'll meet my goal. I also have to write at least two short stories before November, for anthologies that I've been asked to contribute to: The Dimension Next Door and Catopolis--both published by DAW Books.

There's also writing a few things (acknowledgements, bio, dedication, back cover, interior flap copy) for my first novel, The Golden Cord, coming out in April of 2008. It was May of 2008, but got moved up a month--which is better for me. I'm waiting for final approval of the book cover. The editor and I like a painting by Ciruelo Cabral and just need the publisher to say yes. I hope they say "yes" this week. I mocked up the image with the title and my name on it. I love it.

Wish me luck. I'll post the image once I have approval, but it's the Moon Dragon image from Ciruelo's 2007 "Dragons" calendar. It's amazing. He didn't have time to do an original for me, but this is a new piece and better than the one I was going to suggest he paint.

Anyway, keep writing my friends and set some writing goals. Artificial deadlines can be a good motivator.

Have fun writing.


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Kelly Swails said...

Congrats on the antho invites, Paul! Catopolis sounds interesting ...