Sunday, March 18, 2007

Writing is complicated


I managed 3,750 words in the past couple of days. I finished the first draft of chapter four of Medusa's Daughter. It's going well and was a good chapter for me--the first from the male lead characters POV. Most of the chapter is pretty clean, but I need to polish the ending.

My goal is at least a chapter a week or more. I need to get cracking and write as much as I used to--but I'm slower now--more ponderous and careful about what I write. I used to just blaze ahead, not really thinking about how I put the chapter together as much. If I explained the gist of what happened I was okay with the chapter. Now I have to ramp up the tension, create twists and scene ending disasters. Writing has become so complicated as I've learned more. The perfectionist in me has slowed me down. I edit and revise a little too much as I write first drafts now.

I'm going to be fast again dammit!! Even if it kills me. I must work on it.

I hope you are all well and that you had a good St. Patrick's Day yesterday. I wore green, just so you know.

Oh, I went Barnes & Noble yesterday and got two copies of Elizabeth Vaughn's new book, Warlord. I have one for my Mom, who loved books one and two--as did I. Beth is a great writer. Check out her site to learn more. Tor marketed/is marketing her books as paranormal romance, but they're really fantasy with a strong love story. No magic either, just a kick ass barbarian and his Warprize. They're worth a read. The first book is called Warprize by the way. Check out Anne McCaffery's glowing blurb on Beth's site.

I need to start reading more! The damn TV must go!


Author of The Golden Cord
Book One of the Iron Dragon Series
Releasing April, 2008

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hollymc said...

Hey Paul! Congrats on finishing the next chapter. I'm glad to hear Medusa is coming along!