Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gangster Writers

Yep, even writers are in gangs. Mean gangs. So mean we'll actually throw the book at you. I'm not talking little paperbacks. I'm talking epic hardbacks over a thousand pages long! Books that can maim or kill.

So, I'm flashing the gang sign for our crew, Wordfellas. I could tell you what it meant, but then I'd have to edit the crap out of you until you begged for mercy. Your manuscript would bleed so red your shoes would change color. My critiques are so critical every story you wrote in the future would be shorter. Wordfellas FO-ev-a.

Okay, so that's Brad "Bowler" Beaulieu and I at the big author signing on Friday night. It went great and I got to meet up with a cool agent (Jenny Rappaport and her cool husband, Chris), lots of writers (like famous sci-fi author Robert Sawyer and fantasy author Tim Waggoner), and a major publisher, Betsy W0llheim of DAW Books. Everyone loved the cover of The Golden Cord. I handed out over-sized promo cards.

Brad and I had a good time hanging with Wordfellas members: Anton "Fish" Strout, Patrick "Tracer" Tracy, and Pat "Fuzz" Rothfuss. It was such a great time and I can't wait for next year. We met so many great people and got to hang with new and old friends. I'm so thankful for all the fun people I've been able to meet at World Fantasy. It's a great convention and next year it's in Calgary, Alberta. I can't wait.

Now it's time to get busy and finish my next book. Medusa's Daughter has to be finished.

Good luck to all of you out there!

Best wishes,

Paul "Paul-E" (NY accent) Genesse

Author of The Golden Cord
Book One of the Iron Dragon Series
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Author of The Queen's Ransom
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Kelly Swails said...

Dude! What about Kelly "the kel" Swails? ;)

Love the pic!

Anonymous said...

Hah, obviously that should in fact be Kelly "The Killer" Swails. Obviously!

azure said...

You lucky man going to book signings and stuff. It must simply fill your heart being in the middle of it all, the people, the fresh feeling after showering and dressing up. Gratz on your books, good luck finishing the next one.