Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday Letter 2007

Dear Friends & Family,

Tammy and I wish you the very best. We hope you have a great holiday season and a wonderful new year. We’ve had a busy 12 months filled with lots of new things. Tammy is temping
more as a dental hygienist, serving as the librarian/archivist for the Murray Concert Band, and volunteering at the hospital where I work helping people find their way. She is doing great and wants to wish you all well. Please email her at tgenesse(fourtwo)(at) to get in touch and see what she’s up to when she’s not organizing or working on crossword puzzles.

My year has been pretty eventful. I’m still working full-time as a nurse in a cardiac unit—though my unit moved from the 100 year old hospital where we were, to the brand new Intermountain Medical Center, which is 20 minutes closer to my house. Life is good and I love the new place, but most of all, I love the people I work with.

The big news is that my first novel, The Golden Cord, Book One of the Iron Dragon
Series is coming out in hardcover in April 2008. I’ve finally broken into publishing and
I’ve sold nine short stories in the past year and a half, in addition to the novel. I’m really, really looking forward to going on a book tour in early to mid May of 2008. The tour is going to be an opportunity to come and visit all of you! I can’t wait! I’ll also be speaking at schools, so if you have any contacts in middle or high schools let me know.

Also, you’re all invited to a big book release party at our house on May 3, 2008. It will be the grand opening of our basement, which is being finished right now. The basement will be an art gallery featuring all the cool fantasy art I’ve collected over the years.

That’s the brief update for 2007. Visit for more details and links to my blog, or join me on Facebook. Tammy and I wish you all the very best and hope to see you all soon!

Happy Holidays!

Paul & Tammy Genesse

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