Friday, February 22, 2008

My Book Tour




Well, here's the rough draft of my planned book tour. I've still got to set up a lot of signings and school visits, but it's all coming together. If I'm coming to your area please let me know and I'll make sure to get in touch.


Book Tour Plan (rough draft)

February 14-16: Life, The Universe and Everything--Provo, UT

March 6 UELMA—Ogden, UT —Library and Educator Conference

April 4-6 I-Con in New York (they're flying me out and everything)

April: Visit Idaho and do some school visits?

April 26 Fantasy Festival, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

May 1, Library Assoc. Conference, Salt Lake City, UT

May 2 School visits in Salt Lake? To be determined.

May 10 Book Release Party at the House of Genesse, South Jordan, UT. You're all invited!!! Please save the date.

May 11 Drive to Reno, 530 miles, 7.5 hours—dinner with family

May 12 School visits and signing in Reno, at the Barnes & Noble (4-6PM) on Virginia Street—dinner with family (B&N address 5555 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502)

May 13 School visit?, then drive to Antioch, CA. 200 miles, 3.5 hours: school or library visit and signing? Stay in Antioch

May 14: San Francisco, signing, school visit?

May 15: Sacramento area, school visits, signing?

May 16: Sacramento area, school visits and signing at the Borders Express in Citrus Heights

May 17 Antioch, signing and a family party?

May 18 Drive to Riverside—436 miles, 7 hours. Stop somewhere along the way?

May 19 Riverside—signing. Go to Orange County. Signings, school visits

May 20 Drive to Phoenix: 325 miles, 5 hours, school visit?

May 21 Phoenix, school visits and signing.

May 22 Drive to Vegas. 6 hours. Signing?

May 23 School Visits early and then signing in Vegas, Drive to Salt Lake, 410 miles, 6 hours

May 23 ConDuit starts in Utah--I'll miss the first day

May 24:ConDuit—arrive at ConDuit

May 25: ConDuit

May 26 off

May 27: School visits in Salt Lake City area

May 28 School visits in Salt Lake City area

May 29 School visits in Salt Lake City area, then a signing

May 30 off

June 1 back to work

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