Friday, March 21, 2008

New Pirate Witch Story



I wrote 10,000 words (36 pages) this week, and finished the rough draft of my new pirate witch story. It feels so good to have written so much, most of it in two days.

I don't have a title yet, but it'll come to me soon, I hope. The story is long, and takes place right after the second story, The Queen's Ransom. It'll be published in June 2008, in Blue Kingdoms, Buxom Buccaneers. The first two stories were about 8,200 and 8,700 words. This one is 10,000 at the moment.

The story feels like the end of a novel and I'm really hoping to write this as a novel in the near future. We'll see what happens, but I think it would be great.

I also found out that my pirate witch story will be the backdrop for a Murder Mystery at the I-Con convention in New York, April 4-6, The gaming guests will be participating, so that should be lots of fun. I'm also running a D&D game set in the Blue Kingdoms at the con. I can't wait!

The World Horror Convention is next week, right here in Salt Lake City, so I'm going to have a fun couple of weeks.

I wish you all the best with everything!

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