Sunday, July 13, 2008

Book Two Progress


I'm up to 32% rewritten in The Dragon Hunters, Book Two of the Iron Dragon Series. I was at 25% last week. I was shooting for 35% or more this week, but a food allergy--I'm allergic to soy--and somehow I ingested some on Wednesday morning,  which slowed me down right off the bat. Then there was the library visit at Hill Air Force Base Thursday; one night of online promotion; blogging; emailing; preparing and sending off peoples book orders; reading and signing book and short story contracts; web site updating; catching up on sleep; dinner at a friend's house Friday night; quality time with Tammy; and then James Taylor's funeral Saturday. I'm tired just writing that! I have no one to blame but myself for not getting to the writing. Still, it turned out to be a productive week, though I only worked on the book one night. Sigh.


However, last night I handcuffed myself to the computer for a good eight hours, which bled into today, and got some work done. The characters are in that place I wanted them to get to (Pat, you know where they are). It's gotten so much nastier and the tension is increasing dramatically. I think my partner in crime, Patrick Tracy, will like what I've come up with. There are some cool twists and I think that a fairly low tension part of the book is definitely becoming a lot more interesting and dangerous. I'm sure the next pass will increase the drama even more.


I'm still behind where I want to be. I'm hoping to finish the rewrite by the end of August. Originally I wanted it done before that, but I don't think I can make it. You never know.


I think I need a real deadline to motivate me. All I know now is that the book comes out in late 2009. I've been waiting for one from my editor, but you know what they say: be careful what you wish for.


Paul Genesse

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