Friday, February 20, 2009



I had a great day at Life, The Universe, and Everything ( ) a writing symposium held at BYU. I got to chat with some old friends, met some new friends, and got to be the moderator of a panel about writing dialog. JoSelle Vanderhooft couldn't make it, so on the panel with me, were Roger White, a new friend, and two of my childhood heroes: Tracy and Laura Hickman (husband and wife). Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weiss wrote the first Dragonlance books, which had a great impact on me. Laura has been part of the creative process for many years and has authored several books with Tracy. I've met them before at Gen Con, but this was the first time I've ever been on a panel with them and got to hang out in the Green Room.

It went so well and I think we all learned some good things about writing dialog. Tomorrow I'm on a bunch more panels and am really looking forward to it.

Paul Genesse
Author of The Dragon Hunters
Book Two of the Iron Dragon Series
Releases May 2009

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