Friday, June 26, 2009

Hilarious Graphic Novel!

Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management by Howard Tayler

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What a hilarious graphic novel! I loved reading this book. I’ve been a fan of Howard Tayler’s work for a few years, reading his daily online web comic, This is one of my favorites of his books. He puts out the books every year or so with the collected web comics, and they’re well worth the fifteen bucks. It’s just so cool to read all of the comics combined together in a book. Howard is obviously a huge fan of the sci-fi genre, and he makes fun of it in such cool and imaginative ways. The military SF genre is one of my favorites, and this comic has such a hilarious new spin that fans will totally appreciate.

Sergeant Schlock, an amoeba like creature with an amorphous form that looks like a large pile of poo, yes, poo. Anyway, Sergeant Schlock has a knack for mayhem and destruction, which is just awesome. I mean hey, you can solve any problem with a plasma cannon, right? The crew of the ship are also quite funny. Go and check out and read the comic for free. If you’re into it, get some of the books. You’ll be happy you did.

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