Monday, September 28, 2009

Review of The Killers Concert in Boise, Idaho


(photo from my cell phone)

What a fantastic show! It’s in the top two shows I’ve ever seen. The Killers, of which I’m not a huge fan, but a fan, played a concert in the Qwest theater, (September 25, 2009) while I was in Boise. The venue was a perfect size, not that big and I had an excellent seat. My buddy, Scott Kennison, an enduring friend from high school that I hadn’t seen in like 17 years, had an extra ticket and we went while I was visiting Boise on a little pre-book tour. The big one starts on October 19 and goes for 3.5 weeks.

The show was high energy right from the start and the lead singer was on fire. The lighting, stage-effects (confetti cannons, falling sparks), and the band, totally rocked. The base player was top-notch and the energy was amazing. One song would finish and the next one would begin less than a second later. It was exhausting at times as we were just being assaulted by kick-ass music, (great drumming) with no breaks. Almost no slow songs. A few songs would start out slow, with the lead singer on the keyboard, then it would just explode with sound and energy. I was thoroughly impressed. They took a short encore and then came back for two more songs. The whole concert was about 90 minutes and was of a perfect length. I heard the Salt Lake City show, the next day had some technical difficulties (25 minute delay to fix a dangling light) and the sound wasn’t good in the E Center. I’m so glad I saw them in Boise. The crowd was pumped, the band was crazy good, and the music was awesome.

I’m now a huge fan and will go and see them every time they tour. Getting to see the show with my good friend, Scott, made it even more special.

Paul Genesse
Author of The Dragon Hunters

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dSK said...

I fully agree with your review of the show......but you failed to mention anything about MARIACHI EL BRONX.....they rocked!.....and how about that trumpet player....?!