Friday, October 23, 2009

Dragon Hunters Book Tour Video Message

Visiting Las Vegas was great. I went to Bob Miller Middle School in Henderson, and visited Scott Hensley, at his amazing library and taught writing to the students. Scott took a couple of videos of me. One is above. The other is in a post coming soon.

Then I went to George E. Harris Elementary School, where I went for five years. It was fabulous to give back to a school that helped me go so far. I went there last year and that was wonderful. I spoke to hundreds of kids, then taught a writing workshop, then signed a couple hundred posters putting the kids' names on them. I love those kids and their teachers are top notch. This is a school where I know I made a difference.

After that I was off to Paseo Verde Library, where I met up with Linda Hanks, a very cool librarian friend of mine. She interviewed me on camera and it went really well, though I only had a few minutes there. I'll be back with Linda in the Spring (in April) teaching at a writing conference.

Dinner was with Anthony Koerner, the grandson of my former coach, teacher, and principal, Keith Koerner. Anthony is a cool guy, a former marine, avid snow boarder, who found himself becoming an accountant. He's trying to get back into the military now, despite his injuries that slowed him for a while kept him out. He just loves the action and wants to blow sh*t up! I hadn't seen him in many years, and catching up with old friends is so special for me.

The book signing at the Charleston Barnes and Noble was okay, though book stores have been pretty slow lately. Some old friends came by and I met a few new fans. I stayed with the Stratton family, pics on Facebook, and seeing them is always a huge hit. I've got a lot of great people in my life and am very fortunate to have no less than two pairs of adoptive parents.

The next morning it was off to Phoenix!

Paul Genesse
Author of The Dragon Hunters

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