Sunday, January 17, 2010

My "Favorite List" for 2009

My “Favorite List” for 2009

My favorite three books that I read in 2009
#1 Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia—see my review posted today as well
#2 Old Man’s War by John Scalzi—see my review
#3 The Queen of Stone: Thorn of Breland by Keith Baker—see my review

My favorite two audio books of that I listened to in 2009
#1 American Gods by Neil Gaiman—great material with a top-notch reader.
#2 World War Z by Max Brooks—don’t read it, get the audio version. It’s amazing.

My favorite three CD’s of 2009
#1 Lady Gaga-The Fame—my new favorite pop icon—this CD delivers
#2 Depeche Mode-Sounds of the Universe—my favorite band still kicking butt
#3 Star Trek-Soundtrack by Michael Giacchino—my favorite soundtrack of the year

My favorite three movies of 2009
#1 Avatar—one of the coolest and most amazing movies of all time
#2 District 9—groundbreaking film that will blow you away
#3 Star Trek—just an awesome reimagining with killer new talent

May favorite three shows of 2009
#1 True Blood—my favorite guilty pleasure, I’m a huge fan now
#2 Big Love—great character drama with excellent writing and acting
#3 Battlestar Galactica—the series finale was a little lacking, but overall, the show was awesome.

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