Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The House Beyond the Hill Review


The House Beyond the Hill by Michael R. Collings is a very creepy horror novel. It’s a challenging book that will make you think. The descriptions are top notch and the author really knows how to turn a phrase, which as an author, I appreciate a lot.

I also really enjoyed the style of short scenes within chapters, though there were a lot of characters to keep straight. The author does skip between the characters quite frequently, making some of the book a little hard to follow, but eventually it all comes together and the horror of what’s going on hits you full force.

It starts with a truly depraved criminal entertaining himself by shooting people who are driving on the freeway, and goes from there with twists and turns you don’t expect. The supernatural aspects were scary and the ending and the last few chapters were truly chilling. Overall, I loved the vivid way it was all described and the author knows how to create a mood.

This is not an easy book where the author spoon-feeds the reader all the information, but fans of horror and those looking for something different to entertain themselves will find The House Beyond the Hill an excellent read. The book is available as an eBook or a trade paperback and I flew through my e-copy.

Paul Genesse
Author of the Iron Dragon Series and Editor of The Crimson Pact Series

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