Thursday, March 1, 2012

Partials by Dan Wells


Newborn #485GA18M died on June 30, 2076, at 6:07 in the morning. She was three days old. The average lifespan of a human child, in the time since the Break, was fifty-six hours. They didn't even name them anymore.

--the beginning of chapter one from Partials by Dan Wells.

This is such a rockstar opening line, and it just goes from there, drawing you in. Such a great book written by a writer on top of his game. Readers can't put this down, as it's so riveting, and writers can learn a lot from this book, a dystopian novel that paints one of the scariest pictures of the future that I've ever read about.

The tag line on the cover is great too:

"The only hope for humanity isn't human."

Check it out on Amazon. It's already got 50+ reviews. Wow.

Paul Genesse
Author of The Secret Empire


Anonymous said...

As a writer I'm very jealous of that first line.

Paul Genesse said...

I'm jealous too. Dan Wells is too good for his own good. Does that make him evil?

Tom Abbott said...

I this one is going on my must-read list. It's been a good study in how to approach a pre-release.

The Amazon reviews are interesting. I'm fascinated by the way everyone looks for something different in a story.

...and as always, I love Dan's writing. :D

Paul Genesse said...

Hi Tom,

Right. I wonder how many ARC's Dan gave out? I'll have to ask him. I got one, and I know he gave out quite a few more. He's got some seriously dedicated fans. I love his writing, and completely understand that. He rocks.