Monday, February 27, 2012

5 Reasons to Read (and Write) Fantasy

5 Reasons to Read (and Write) Fantasy
Guest Post by Coleen Torres

The genre of fantasy is one that you either love or you hate. Some people find it ridiculous and trivial, others think it is the most creative and freeing genre in the universe. Then there are others that don’t really have an opinion. They can’t say they hate it because they’ve never read it, but they can’t say they like it either. It is just there; dragons and wizards, fairies and wraiths, all those story-book characters come to live in adult novels. But there are good reasons to love fantasy, or at least dabble in it.

1. It is the first--The first books we are ever exposed to as children are fantasies. Princesses and knights fighting dragons. Sea monsters and fairies. Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, all those classic children’s tales are really fantasy. Who says you have to grow out of them? We all enjoyed the freedom of those stories, the unlimited child-like imagination they produced. Why not keep reading?

2. It allows you to be flexible-–People are always advising you to think outside the box. There’s nothing more ‘outside the box’ than fantasy. A complete world on its own, with its own rules and languages and morals. Not only do you learn to think differently by reading such things, but if you write them, you really get to dig deep and come up with your own ideas. Things you could never think of in everyday life now become commonplace in the world of your own making.

3. It allows you to learn–-When you create an entireworld as a writer, you get a better grasp on the one you are in. Why do things work the way they do? What are people’s motivations and desires? Why do they think or react that way or this way? Even more than drama, fantasy lets writer put characters into situations that mimic everyday life, but blow it way out of proportion. By putting characters in those situations, writers learn what makes characters in calmer situations react the way they do. After all, who hasn’t compared their boss to a dragon?

4. It allows you to stretch–-As a reader or a writer, you want to grow. You want to expand your understanding and imagination. What better way to do that than with fantasy. Literally anything you can come up with is fine. Your job is to make it all fit together. You stretch your brain, teaching it new ways of thinking and putting people and situations together to make sense.

5. It allows you to escape--There is enough pain and suffering in the world. Sometimes, you just want to escape from it all. That’s where fantasy really shines. Unlike the real-life drama of a romance novel, a crime novel, or a mystery, fantasy allows you to change worlds completely, with nothing to remind you of the problems you want to forget. Dive into a book and take some time off from the real world.

There are many things to be said for fantasy. It’s not a children’s genre. In fact, some of the best loved and longest lasting novels out there are fantasy. If you’ve never tried reading, or writing, a fantasy story, then try one today. You are sure to find something to love in this genre.

Author Bio:
This is a guest post by Coleen Torres from home phone service. You can find more about her at her profile.


Unknown said...

Great post! I never had thought about how the first stories people hear/read arre fantasies but that is so true. Maybe that is why it resonates with so many people.

And, correct again, I love escaping into fantasy!

Grant said...

Really interesting post - and a lot of these reasons are why I write fantasy. Following your blog!

Paul Genesse said...

Thanks, Grant, for following my blog.

Best wishes,

Paul Genesse