Monday, February 13, 2012

My Top Ten Moments at LTUE 2012

Top Ten Moments for me at Life, The Universe and Everything (LTUE) a writing conference held at Utah Valley University (UVU). This was its 30th year and still going strong.


#1 My friend and fan Lyda Mae doing a spontaneous tai chi routine for me in the middle of the lobby at UVU on the first day. She’s been confined to a wheel chair for years, but after a successful surgery SHE CAN WALK AGAIN! This was the best news of the weekend.

#2 James A. Owen’s keynote address, which was so incredibly inspiring (listen to the audio here, it’s worth your time). James is not only a motivational speaker, but is an amazing illustrator and author. Please check out his books after you listen to his speech.

#3 Having dinner with James A. Owen and some of my friends Thursday night. The best dinner ever at LTUE.

#4 Tracy Hickman saying he was having a “fan boy moment” when he ran into me while I was being interviewed on Residual Hauntings Revived

#5 Attending a seminar on how to give a good reading by Hugo and Campbell award winning author Mary Robinette Kowal—she’s the best reader in sci-fi fantasy writing today. She also did a two minute shadow puppet show—she’s a professional puppeteer and totally awesome.


#6 Listening to Mary Robinette Kowal read from her upcoming novel, Glamour in Glass, coming in April 2012. It’s Jane Austen with magic.



#7 Getting to hang out with Patrick Tracy, my best friend.


Authors Dan Wells, Paul Genesse, Larry Correia, and Zachary Hill

#8 Seeing so many friends and fans.


# 9 The Secret Empire (my third book) hitting number 57 on’s eBook bestseller list the first day of the conference. It went from 20,0000 to 57 that day.

#10 Selling out of Book 1, The Golden Cord in the UVU bookstore.


Cathy said...

What a great conference. Thanks for posting the pictures and for writing wonderful books about dragons.

Paul Genesse said...

Thanks, Cathy. You are so welcome. Thank you for reading.

Author Paul Genesse

Bonnie Gwyn said...

Is this because I posted my list of ten? ;) Haha Nah. Great pictures!

Jaleta Clegg said...

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to hang out with you for a while. It was good to see you there. And congratulations on your books!

Paul Genesse said...

Thanks, Jaleta. I'm glad I got to see you at least.

Bonnie, I totally got the idea of a top ten list from you. ;)

Anna del C. Dye said...

It is alway good to see you at LTUE, Paul. Congratulations again on your new book. Way to go.

Paul Genesse said...

Thanks, Anna, it was great seeing you too!

heidi2524 said...

Thank you for this post - #3 is awesome. :)

James is giving away a free copy of the Drawing Out The Dragons ebook for the next week because of something that happened as a result of the keynote he gave at LTUE. He wrote about it on his Facebook page -

Paul Genesse said...

Hi Heidi,

Thanks for that link. I hope lots of people download the book.


The Wordsmith said...

Wow! Thanks for posting those pictures. I wrote about you in my blog post here:

Paul Genesse said...

Thanks, Wordsmith. I really appreciate the post on your blog. Thanks again!