Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Crimson Pact Volume 4 is out now!


By a bullet or a blade, the Pact will have justice.

A gunslinger rides down a dark road
in an alternate history Old West . . .

A lone woman tries to save a distant planet
from a diabolical invasion . . .

A rogue demon seeks vengeance
on his former queen . . .

Read the supernatural Western, “Darkness of the Sun,” a novella by Patrick M. Tracy, and sixteen other action packed and terrifying stories that run the gamut of urban fantasy, horror, science fiction and fantasy, with stories by Michaele Jordan, Usman T. Malik Brett Peterson, Sarah Hans, Daniel Myers, Kelly Swails, Sarah Kanning, Valerie Dircks, John Perkins, Elizabeth Shack, Leigh Dragoon, Donald Darling, Steven Diamond, and Suzzanne Myers.

Make your mark in blood and join the Crimson Pact!

Here's the opening of Darkness of the Sun by Patrick M. Tracy

Part One: Dogs and Preachers

I put my boot against the preacher’s neck and held him down. His claws reached up, scratching at my chaps, his needle-sharp teeth gnawing against my heel. He gave out a hellish growl that would put a cougar to shame, but I wouldn’t let him up. Not after all the nonsense he’d got himself up to—poisoning wells, swindling folks out of their life savings . . . shoot, he’d even stolen a few horses. In the Arizona Territory, such behavior was not tolerated. I unholstered my .58 Buxton and pointed it into his scarlet demonic face. We both knew what he was by then.

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Tales From the Crimson Pact is FREE until the end of the week at Amazon.

Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read it on the free Kindle apps for your computer or smartphone. You can download that at

Additionally, the first story in the Crimson Pact series, the one that sets the whole thing up, is available in PDF form from our website:

If you’ve been looking for a quick way to either start with The Crimson Pact yourself - or introduce a friend without overwhelming them! - these are a great opportunity.

Tales From the Crimson Pact:

The Failed Crusade:

Volume 3 is also available as a trade paperback and as an eBook.


Volume 2 is is also available as a trade paperback and as an eBook.


Volume 1 is also available as a trade paperback and as an eBook.


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