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"I’ve already read Paul Genesse’s story, "No Tusks," and it is awesome. It is possibly one of the grossest, nastiest, funniest stories ever, so of course it's about Orcs."--New York Times' Bestselling Author Larry Correia (full review here)

That's the first review of my story, and I personally believe that "No-Tusks" is the most important orc love story of the 21st century. There's toe sucking, bog wine, diabolical plans, bumbling giants, and orc style revenge.

Here's the introduction to the book:

Orcs! Greyshalks! And Giants!

Prepare yourselves, intrepid reader, for three complete novelettes set in the Abyss Walker world of author Shane Moore. In this anthology you shall read “No Tusks” by Paul Genesse, the disgustingly graphic orc story—not for children—(You have been warned!); then a tale about a young Sasquatch, or more accurately, a greyshalk trying to find his place in the world in: “A Kudekah to Remember” by Paul Genesse and Shane Moore; and finally, a truly hilarious story about a bumbling giant in: “Mungo the Undying” by Patrick M. Tracy. You’ll also be treated to a short story from a very unique point of view—an arrow in flight: “Unerring” by Patrick S. Tomlinson; and as a bonus, an excerpt from the novella, “The Wererat’s Tale III: The Collar of Perdition” by Patrick S. Tomlinson, which was written from an outline penned by the creator of the Abyss Walker World, Shane Moore himself. Orcs, greyshalks, and giants (and wererats) will never be the same!

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The video below is the reason why neither Patrick Tracy nor myself will ever hold public office. We read from "No-Tusks" at the CONDuit convention in 2011.

No Tusks Dramatic Reading from Patrick Tracy on Vimeo.

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